Philosophy of Music

A. Music for the believer and the New Testament Church is for the glory of God. The focus of music should be the Lord and the words should reflect this focus. The passion for the Lord that believers have in their hearts is expressed in spontaneous praise. Music sung or played is not to be done in performance for personal attention but to draw our focus in worship to the Lord. Thus, it is not necessary or encouraged to applaud those who have used their musical talents for the Lord. The end result of the music ministry should be to praise and thank the Almighty, Holy, and Loving God. (Psalm 95, 98; I Corinthians 10:31; Philippians 3:1)

B. Music for the believer and the New Testament Church has significant elements. There are three elements that all music consists: melodic line, harmony and rhythm. The melodic line must be the prominent element in music. It is that which communicates the truth of the hymn or song. The melody should not be hidden behind an overwhelming rhythm, since the rhythm appeals to the physical. (Romans 13:14; Galatians 5:16-18)

C. Music for the believer and the New Testament Church must not be corrupted by the secular Music for the believer and the church should be distinct from the world. There should be no hint of worldly styles within the sacred message. There should be no references to Rock and Roll, Rap, New Age, R & B, Jazz, or any other worldly trends. The genre of music called “Contemporary Christian Music” is clearly a compromise of the holy, pure and righteous nature of God. It is intentionally arranged to attract the ears of the carnal, fleshly, thus, the unsaved.

D. Music for the believer and the New Testament Church should not be “performed.” Music is to be a genuine praise to the Lord and worship unto HIM. It is to be directed to the Lord primarily, not to man. Music should not be a production and should not have elements of sensationalism added to support its genre. Therefore, there is to be no taped music used. Secondly, no one should intentionally attract attention to themselves in any way; immodesty, theatrics [including microphone holding] or applause. These “performance grabbers” tend to display a sensual, contemporary ambiance.

E. Music for the believer and the New Testament Church is not absent of associations All pieces of music inherently have some association and connotation. If a song has a connotation due to the author or someone who popularized it with worldliness or compromised position it should be prohibited and avoided. It is clear that believers should abstain from all appearances of evil and should not do something that may offend another brother in Christ. It is the intent of the leadership at Grace Baptist Church to avoid a contemporary, casual appearance; and anything that would attract attention to the messenger instead of the message. As a safeguard all special music must be approved by the pastor along with a trained music director [minister of music]. (I Thessalonians 5:22; Romans 14:1-23; I Corinthians 8:7-13)