Kevin Pilgrim

In June of 1993, as a rising junior in high school, God directed a young lady into my life who cared enough about my soul to share with me the gospel of Jesus Christ.   Talking to me on the phone for the first time, she lovingly but boldly told me the truth: I was a sinner, condemned already to a Christ-less eternity because of the sin nature I was born with.  God convicted my heart greatly during that phone conversation.  By the grace of God, I repented of my sin that day, put my faith in Christ, turned away from sin and self, and turned fully to Jesus Christ. It was the grace of God that saved me that day, and it is the grace of God which continually keeps me and helps me to do His will. After graduating from Woodmont High School, I studied Bible at Bob Jones University.   In 1998, God allowed me to marry my high school sweetheart, Ruthie, in the first wedding ever held at Grace.  God has blessed Ruthie and me with four children:  Emily, Stephen, Benjamin, and Bethany.  God called us to serve at Grace as youth leaders in 2005.  In 2012, under the leadership of Pastor Austin, I received my ordination and became the assistant pastor.

Pastor Kevin on the Godly leaders in his life

I have been blessed to have three godly men influence my life greatly. The first was Pastor Tom Craig who instilled in me a desire to please God and a passion for those without Christ. The second godly man was Pastor Richard Gray; he married Ruthie and me and was instrumental in God’s call upon my life. The third godly man is still influencing me.   Pastor Matt Austin gave me the opportunity to serve while challenging me to grow for the Lord. He has been a great blessing, counselor, and teacher. I have learned much serving alongside Pastor Austin. It is the influence of these men, and others along the way, that has shaped my desire to see families strengthened in Christ.”