What To Expect

Here is some information that should make your first visit a welcoming experience and allow you to turn your attention to God’s Word. Grace Baptist Church is about people, not programs. It is our desire that you and your family feel welcomed when you enter the doors.

How do I get to Grace Baptist Church?

From Greenville, Take Augusta Road / US Highway 25 South toward Greenwood. Travel US 25 past the South Greenville Fire Department. Continue following US 25 for about half mile until you see our sign on the left.

From Ware Shoals / Greenwood, Take Augusta Road / US Highway 25 North toward Greenville. After passing Ellen Woodside Elementary School continue on US 25 until you see our sign on the right, just past Garrison Road.

From Pelzer, Take US Highway 8 to US Highway 25. Turn left onto US highway 25. After passing Ellen Woodside Elementary on the left continue on US 25 until you see our sign on the right, just past Garrison Road.

From Simpsonville, Take W. Georgia Road away from Simpsonville toward US Highway 25. Travel W. Georgia Road until it becomes Garrison Road. Follow Garrison Road to US Highway 25 and turn right. You’ll see our sign almost immediately on the right.

What time are the services?

Check out the Calendar of Events for other activities at Grace.


» Sunday Morning Bible Time – 10:00 am
» Morning Service and Junior Church – 11:00 am
» Sunday Family Bible Time – 6:00 pm
» Buckaroo Bible Club – 6:00 pm


» Bible Study and Prayer Time – 7:00 pm
» Teen Ministry – 7:00 pm

What are the services like?

Sunday services are a time of joyful worship and praise to God. Our music is conservative in style and Christ-honoring in presentation. Our choir and orchestra assist in preparing hearts for worshiping the High King of Heaven through special music as well as accompaniment throughout the song service. Our music service is highlighted by the blending of our hearts and voices during the congregational singing of the great hymns of the faith.

Offering plates are passed to collect our offerings as part of our worship to God. Each member gives what they believe God would have them give as part of their worship – as a guest you have no obligation to contribute to Grace Baptist Church.

For the preaching, our pastor generally preaches through a book of the Bible or conducts a theme study to provide Bible-based messages that are timely and applicable. Copies of the messages are available for download or can be requested on audio CD.

At the conclusion of each Sunday message the pastor encourages the congregation to respond to the message – to accept Christ as Savior, to make a spiritual decision, or simply to pray during a time of reflection and invitation for those who desire biblical counsel.

Following the service, our pastor will be at the back of the auditorium to personally thank you for attending and encouraging you to return for another visit.  He is available to speak to you about anything related to the service or message.

Services generally last between 1 hour and 1 hour 20 minutes. On Sunday mornings our pastor strives to have the congregation out as close to noon, as possible.

Wednesday Evening is centered on a time of prayer as well as a specific study of a Bible personality, a theme of the Bible, or a current life series.  We generally follow the Bible study with a dedicated time of prayer in small groups. As our guest, you are welcome to pray with us, if you feel comfortable doing so. However, you are also welcome to pray silently if you like.

What happens when I arrive?

When you stop in for a service at Grace Baptist Church you will be greeted immediately with a handshake and a warm smile. You are somebody, so why expect anything less. You are not a visitor; you are our guest.  Our friendly greeters will direct you to the auditorium, classrooms, or nursery. Our greeters will make sure that you receive a bulletin and a guest card to fill out with a pen.  The pen is yours to keep!

What is available for my children?

We have a well-equipped and fully-supervised nursery to care for infants and toddlers. Children’s Church is available for children ages 3 through 4th grade.  Children are dismissed from the auditorium just before the message. Jr.  & Sr. high teens participate in the Sunday services with their families.

How can I meet other members of Grace?

One of the best ways to meet others and develop friendships is to be involved in our Sunday Morning Family Bible Time. Our Family Bible Time gives opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth. It is also a great place to ask questions and get acquainted in an informal setting!

How can I learn more about Grace Baptist Church?

Attending a service is a good place to start. Remember the Guest cards we gave you when you walked in? Filling out the card and turning it in allows us to send you an email and letter to say, “Thank you.”  We like to follow up with each guest as soon as possible, so you can expect a call or email from him directly within the week of your visit. Also, friendly people are everywhere to answer your questions and provide you with information about Grace’s ministries and events.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Grace Baptist, or if you want a more in-depth look at the ministries here, let the pastor know. He periodically conducts a membership class that provides helpful information about our church and what we believe.