Buckaroo Bible Club

K4 through 6th grade – Wednesday evenings  7:00 – 8:15

Buckaroo Bible Club is a fun-filled, God-centered time of Bible stories, singing, Scripture memory, games, and more!

Every Buckaroo can earn points for “Bucks” to be redeemed on PRIZES in the Buckaroo Store. Buckaroos can redeem their “Bucks” twice a year. Buckaroos can also earn award pins for learning “Nuggets.”

Buckaroo Bible Time:  Each child enjoys a practical Bible lessons taught by one of our gifted and dynamic teachers.  Lessons focus on God’s love for us, His Son Jesus Christ, and what His Word – the Bible teaches us about right living.

Buckaroo Book Time:  Each child works on memorizing God’s Word, the Bible.  Buckaroos are put into small groups so that they can say the Scripture “Nuggets” they have learned at home.  They will also have time to study more verses.

Buckaroo Choir Time:  This is a dedicated time to praise God by learning songs about Him!  The BBC Choir will sing during several Sunday worship services.  Be sure you and your Buckaroo attend these special services!

Buckaroo Game Time:  Buckaroos are encouraged to play!  Games are played in the gym, in the classroom, or outside.