missionsGrace Baptist Church takes seriously Christ’s command to “go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.”  We currently provide regular monthly financial support to 15 missionary families who are faithfully proclaiming God’s Word around the world, in addition to periodic gifts to other mission works.  More than 20 percent of the church’s total annual income is designated to our world-wide missions outreach. 

Our missions program is totally supported through Faith-Promise giving.  Faith-Promise simply means our members promise the Lord, by faith, to give an amount over-and-above their regular tithe to support missionaries.  As they trust the Lord to give the amount they have promised, and as He provides, they place this amount in the missions offering.

Members of our church make their Faith-Promise commitments during October each year, which is our special missions emphasis month. The individual commitments are anonymous and, therefore, are not recorded by the church. The church does record the total of all commitments, which then becomes the basis for determining the next year's mission's budget. Our missionary families are listed below by mission board.

Gospel Fellowship Association

                Jerry Craven                                          New Zealand

                Bob Hein                                                Australia

                Bill Kieffer                                              Brazil     

                Bill Knipe                                               South Africa

                Ron Ruse                                              Nova Scotia

                Randy Smith                                          Papua New Guinea                


Baptist World Mission

               Joey Tacon                                            Italy

               Don Harris                                             Argentina

               Hung Kim                                               Myanmar

               Josep Segurado                                     Spain     

               Phil Herwaldt                                          Arizona Apache Native Americans

               Ben Shore                                              Scotland


Independent Faith Missions

                Jim Gardner                                           Mexico


Shalom Ministries, Inc.

                Craig Hartman                                       American Jews


Mt. Calvary Baptist Church

                Chee Hua Soh                                       China


EMU International

                John Mark Steel                                    Uruguay


Fellowship Baptist Church

               Bill Henderson                                        Guam